A shallow beautiful woman, and more

From Tanya:

I found the BWS story about Allison * incredibly sad. It would be a tragedy for anyone to suffer the damage to their face that Allison did; however, it is my belief that those of us who possess less than average beauty learn at an early age that we have attributes that are worthy of admiration despite our looks. Therefore, while severe facial injury would be traumatic, most people like myself can find solace in our intelligence or kindness or whatever else makes us unique and interesting and worthy of attention.

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Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I continued to work while doing chemotherapy, which means I went to work wearing scarves and hats to hide my newly bald state. The office BWSer, Tammy, told me she was sorry I had to do chemo and lose my hair. Tammy said she didn't think she could handle being bald. I told her, "You might be surprised what you can handle when you have to." I then explained that doing chemo greatly improved my chances of having a long life with no recurrence of cancer. Tammy thought about this for a moment. "No," she said, "I still don't think I would do chemo."

I was stunned by her comment. I asked her, "Are you saying you wouldn't do chemo, just because you would not want to lose your hair?" Tammy replied, "Yeah, I think I'd rather take my chances with cancer than lose my hair." So, apparently, for a BWSer, going bald is worse than cancer!

Finally, I know this is a long e-mail, but regarding your theory of situational beauty *: You related the story of the female snowmobiler who appeared more attractive because she was involved in a predominately male hobby. I have been the recipient of this type of attention because of my interest in vintage sports cars and my love of target shooting. If you're interested in my experiences at car shows and vintage car races and shooting ranges, I can e-mail you later and let you know what it's like for a decidedly average-looking female to suddenly be the center of attention because she knows the difference between an Austin-Healey and a MG!

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“Most beautiful dumb girls think they are smart and get away with it, because other people, on the whole, aren't much smarter.”
— Louise Brooks
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