Beautiful woman who committed a bizarre murder

Tru TV broadcast a show about a beautiful woman who committed a bizarre murder. In reality, the murder itself wasn't so unusual, but the events surrounding it had "brainless beautiful woman syndrome" written all over it.

Debbie Fox* was a slim, beautiful 26-year-old blond who worked as a sales rep for a radio station in Amarillo, Texas. She had an affair with her much older boss, Alex, the station's General Manager. According to the show, Alex "doted on her and gave her everything she wanted." Like other beautiful women who have a sense of entitlement, Debbie evidently believed that her beauty conferred special privileges. The prosecutor involved in this case commented that she lived in a fantasy world in which she thought that she could have everything she wanted from people.

When Alex took a two-week business trip to Florida, Debbie tagged along to get a free vacation. While Alex worked, Debbie went to a club and met a handsome young man, Kyle, with whom she began having an affair. He was so enchanted by her (or her anatomy) that he didn't want the affair to end once Debbie returned to Texas. Being unemployed, Kyle didn't have the money to drive there, so after Debbie returned home, Kyle hitchhiked his way to Amarillo.

Seizing the chance to continue her affair with the young stud while continuing to sponge off her boss, Debbie thought of a way to have the young man's body and the old man's money. Her plan? She hid Kyle in a vacant tiny apartment owned by the radio station, located just around the corner from its front door. Whenever possible, Debbie would slip away to see Kyle.

That situation went on for a week, after which Kyle tired of being a boy toy. He wanted Debbie to move with him back to Florida, but she refused. He threatened to go public with the affair, probably hoping that this would induce Alex to end his relationship with Debbie, leaving her free to date him. Debbie was angered by this, and they began arguing, so Kyle took a shower to cool off.

Debbie briskly walked to her car, got her gun, and returned to the apartment, shooting (and killing) the still-showering Kyle. She hadn't given any forethought as to how she would dispose of the body, so she simply went back to work and acted as if nothing had happened.

Ah, but this was summer in Texas, and the apartment wasn't air-conditioned. Two days later, another employee of the radio station mentioned to Debbie that he smelled the unmistakable odor of a dead body.

Debbie knew she had to do something, so she waited until most of the staff went home, returned to the apartment, and wrapped Kyle's decomposing corpse with a large curtain. Kyle was too heavy for the diminutive Debbie to lift, so she borrowed her father's pickup truck and a moving dolly.

Darn! She forgot to bring rope! Improvising, she used a garden hose, tying it to the back of the pickup truck and then to the dolly that was towed behind the truck like a small trailer. Kyle's body, wrapped like a mummy with the curtain, was secured to the dolly.

And off she went that night into the busy streets of Amarillo. Everything went well until a few minutes later, when she hit a pothole that broke the hose connecting the truck to the dolly. Debbie quickly retrieved the dolly but left Kyle's corpse in the street, after which she went home and went to bed.

Local motorists quickly spotted the body and summoned police, who followed a trail of body parts and stench back to the radio station. (The program didn't explicitly state this, but from what they said, I think that part of Kyle's body was dragging on the road while Debbie drove, leaving a trail of abraded decaying flesh.) The police called Alex, because he was the station's General Manager, but Debbie answered the phone—remember how she lived with him?

Debbie knew that the police would soon discover who killed Kyle, so she quickly confessed to the murder. Alex, in a move of goodwill, suggested having a fundraising cookout to raise money for Debbie's defense. You know, let's all just get together, grill some hot dogs and hamburgers, have a picnic, and everyone bring their families to show Debbie their support!

Not surprisingly, no one showed up for the picnic. Debbie was convicted and is still in prison.

The radio station never recovered from the scandal, so they went out of business. The building was later bulldozed down.

* I changed the names of the people involved in this story.

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— Louise Brooks
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